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Grinding & Mixing Solutions

At Microtron we use a Light Scattering Analysis Technique to establish dispersion particle sizes. The size and shape of a particle affect the way light interacts with it. The particle sizing technique measures specific parameters affected by particle size rather than measuring particle size directly. Examples of these altered parameters include the particle's settling velocity, the volume of a medium that the particle displaces, and the pattern produced by light that has been scattered from a particle.

Working with Industry


The company works closely with its clients to develop individual solutions to dispersion problems. Microtron’s mission is to always provide a full spectrum service to facilitate more efficient production and a better quality finished product with an emphasis on replication. Our laboratories are situated in the UK, USA and China and customers are invited to participate in the testing of their own products. Once we have established your requirements and analysed your existing process we will be able to optimise grinding parameters.


Microtron machines are built under the strictest quality control but even the most reliable and robust equipment need regular maintenance. You can rely on our technical support service to keep you up and running.

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