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Grinding Process

Microtron’s patented double opposing helix bead band technology produces uniform narrow particle size distribution resulting in sub-micron dispersions. The Microtron incorporates an innovative new concept in dispersion mechanics by maximising energy transfer into a low volume, concentrated bead mass. This unique system imparts shear, attrition and bead to bead pressure and significantly outperforms other wet grinding systems.

Control Panel

The Microtron boasts the very latest in HMI (Human Machine Interface) technology, through which all machine operations and parameters are controlled. Maintenance schedule at the touch of a button. Microtron’s network capability means that operations can be monitored from anywhere in the world.

Bead Control

High velocity beads moving only short distances are continually recaptured forming a double spiralling opposing helix in and around the periphery of the main agitator. This action precisely directs the movement of the bead charge. Separation is also achieved at this stage. Centrifugal force separation is maximised by specific design where the grinding media and product separate continually.

Microtron Materials

Depending on the application Microtron builds to exact specifications utilising a variety of metals. Grinding zones are typically made in through hardened materials such as D2 tool steel , 440 stainless steel and hard chrome. For food and pharmaceutical applications product areas are in 316 stainless steel and high grade ceramics.

Range of Applications

Microtron’s unique technology is used in a wide range of industries, including:

• Paint

• Ink

• Agro-Chemicals

• Pharmaceuticals

• Food Products

• Pigment

• Resin

• Magnetic Coatings

• Ceramics

• Minerals

• General Chemicals

• Cosmetics

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